Dr. Q Joins “Team Traficant” as Congressional Candidate

Posted by Jim Condit Jr.

Dr. Q, — Dr. Kiumars Kiani, — is running for the U.S. Congress in the 1st District of Ohio for the November 8th, 2016 election. He also becomes the 2nd congressional candidate and one of many citizens to join “Team Traficant”, named after the late, great Congressman Jim Traficant, known for his courage in standing up for everyday citizens and fighting the enemies of the USA.


Dr. Kiumars Kiani


Dr. Kiumars Kiani (pronounced Q’-mars Kee-ah’-nee), who is also known by the nickname “Dr. Q”, became a freedom fighter in the underground in Iran after the Shah of Iran was toppled in 1979 by the Ayatollah Khomeini’s Revolution. While he loves the nation of his birth and its people, he also points out that the government of Iran after 1979 treated dissidents like the old Soviet Union. Based on his experience (see below) and life-long views, Dr. Kiani greatly appreciates the freedoms afforded by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America, his adopted country since he came to North America in January of year 2000, officially becoming a US citizen eleven years ago.

Dr. Q was arrested and jailed five times by the post-Shah Iranian government for his efforts to help Iranians “think again”, as he explains. In the 1990s Dr. Q was poisoned by a suspected government agent , who came to Dr. Q’s hospital bedside after he (Dr. Q) became paralyzed and bragged about what he (the suspected government agent) had done. This same individual had only recently urged violence in one of Dr. Q’s underground Freedom Fighter meetings, which suggestion was firmly rebuffed by the long time members of the assembled freedom fighters who were totally committed to education and non-violence in the fight for a free Iran.

It took Dr. Kiani one full year to come out of what was total paralysis at first, after which time he came to America.

Dr. Kiani explains that Iranians are not Arabs or Semites, but technically Aryans, or Indo-Europeans, ethnically akin to the peoples of Europe. In fact, the word “Iran” is cognate, or from the same root word, as Aryan. Furthermore, that Islam is not the indigenous religion of Iran, and that Iran is still called Persia by many of those in what is now called Iran. Furthermore, he insists that Sharia law, which was brought into parts of Iran after the Ayatollah post 1979, is much more oppressive than most Americans realize.

Under the Reasonable Access Law for congressional candidates on FCC-licensed stations, Dr. Kiani will be paying for and sponsoring the editions of “LetFreedomRing2016.com – the Radio Show” every week for the next 8 weeks on WKRC-AM radio at 2 PM EST on Sundays, from September 18th to November 6th, 2016.

My own congressional candidacy, — which had sponsored and paid for the “LetFreedomRing2016.com — the Radio Show” programs on WKRC in past months and years, — has been disallowed, at least temporarily, for the November election (General Election) in Ohio’s 2nd District by the Hamilton County Board of Elections, as of September 13th, due to an advisory letter from its legal counsel that the Ohio Revised Code prevents someone from running for US Congress in the spring primary (or in a special election) in one congressional district, and then running in a different congressional district in the general election. I found out about this advisory opinion and the BOE’s ruling on the morning of Tuesday, September 13th. I had run on the ballot in the 8th congressional district of Ohio in the primary election in February and in the special election for John Boehner’s unexpired term in July, and then had filed in the 2nd congressional district of Ohio to run as a write-in candidate for the general election in November.

My campaign’s position is that the state law, while within its scope to regulate when a citizen can run for state offices, is overreaching by trying to put extra restrictions on a citizen running for US Congress — restrictions that do not exist in the Constitution or in federal law.

A string of events restricting ballot access for the “third parties” initiated by the Ohio State Legislature in 2013 has led to the current circumstance. In 2016 both the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party found themselves without ballot access for the first time since 2008 when then Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner opened up the process by changing the ballot access rules for the “third parties.”

My campaign will likely file an action in federal court in the next few days to seek a ruling on whether or not the Ohio state law can impose more restrictions than does the Constitution and federal law on citizens seeking to run for US Congress. As far as we can tell, this issue has never been litigated or ruled on by a federal court.

Dr. Kiumars Kiani has a doctorate of philosophy in film and media. He was, as stated above, born in Iran and became a US citizen eleven years ago. His knowledge about national and international affairs is extensive. His positions on all major issues track closely with my own, including on the matters of the 9-11 terror attacks of 2001, the contrived “war on terror”, the encroaching police state facing US citizens, the cruel and systematic persecution of the Palestinian people by Israel, and the ongoing attempts of the organized Jewish Lobby to keep the United States embroiled in endless wars for Israel in the Mideast.

Dr. Q has hosted “The Echo” program on local public access TV, and I have been a guest on this show a number of times. On September 11th, Dr. Q appeared with me on the September 11th edition of “LetFreedomRing2016.com — the Radio Show” on WKRC radio.


Dr. Kiumars Kiani is also committed to exposing the Election Night Gatekeepers and restoring Election Integrity to elections in the United States of America.

— Jim Condit Jr.

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